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Do you find that Microsoft Word has a mind of its own, or that options you thought would be easy to use have either vanished off the various menus entirely, or don't do what you expected them to do?

Fortunately, Kessler Associates have been producing high quality document templates for many years, and can handle everything for you to ensure that you have the document templates that you need.


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Your Word templates can be created to match almost any conceivable layout design, with custom style settings and text colours, and even pre-set boxes that prompt the user to 'double-click here to insert picture'


Word document templates come in many shapes and forms, although by far the most popular is the basic click-and-type letter layout. With these you simply click on a predefined typeover field and begin entering content to complete your document.

These click-and-type Word document template layouts are better known as 'flat' templates, and they are proving particularly popular these days, with a typical build time for a medium-sized project taking two or three days. This includes testing and the creation of a sample document (useful both for testing purposes and as a guide for new users so that they know what to use to create a similar document).

This represents a considerable saving in time over more complicated forms of template construction, and a client who is happy much more quickly.

Once you have a set of custom-built Word templates in place on your system, your letters, memos, faxes, and reports can be produced very easily, and very quickly too. You simply create a new document from one of your templates, and everything is already in place so that you can start adding your main body text.

We can also provide a complete design service for your Word templates, making sure the product reflects your company image in the best possible way.


More information

Read one or two of our case studies covering completed projects here, and visit the blog for some further insight into Word templates here:

We also provide other Word-based services, including reformatting existing documents and recreating PDFs as Word documents that will match the PDF in every way possible.

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Older versions of Word were more easily able to use wizard-driven, automated document creation. This is much less popular now, but the details are available here.


Whatever you need, we have the solution.

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