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Kessler Associates blog: Using blogs in your website

Blogs, or 'web logs', have become a major tool for internet users. Ideal for people with little or no technical background, their use can range from anything between a personal diary to a corporate discussion board.

Due to their flexibility, bogs can also be used in many imaginative ways.

Not too long ago, Kessler Associates was asked to recreate a lost website for Whitstable Town Junior Football Club, which is located in East Kent. One of the stipulations was that there should be some method by which the managers of each of the junior teams could report on games, add photos, football tables, and the latest news.

After a little head-scratching about how to achieve this with the limited means available to the club, it was decided to incorporate blogs directly into the site itself. Each team would have its own blog which would be embedded into the website design in such a way that anyone visiting the site wouldn't even know that they were reading a blog when they reached the team news pages.

In order to achieve this, a lot of the standard blog formatting was removed to leave a plain white page which still contained links to older posts, and allowed text and photos to be posted by administrators (the team managers), but did not show comments, sidebar links, or any of the embedded extras which are usually associated with blogs.

Kessler Associates website image

The final result could be seen on the Whitstable Town Junior Football Club's website during the entirety of the site's existence. Sadly the site was removed after several years of use as the team decided to switch to a Facebook page instead. Even so, a sample of the old site can still be seen via the Kessler Associates web samples page here, although not with the embedded blog pages visible

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