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Kessler Associates blog: Index

This index of Kessler Associates blog entries gathers together all of our occasional notes and ramblings, possibly along with a bit of dust. If you see any cobwebs, give us a nudge and we'll get out the feather duster.

Template posts
Designers don't build effective templates
Flat Word templates
Working with arrays in Excel
Excel takes the strain
PowerPoint 16:9
Recreating PDFs as documents
Case study - Word templates 1
Customise your PowerPoint
Budget Word templates

'Other stuff' posts
Extra products and services
Using blogs in your website
Choosing a web designer
Keywords for your website
Website construction

Stuff that's out-of-date
Word 1997-2003 wizard-level templates
Insert scanned signature in Word
Backup your data in Word
Word templates - the basic basics




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