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Do your digital images need to be corrected or refined for printing, or do your personal photos contain imperfections or fading which you would like to have improved?

Photos frequently require retouching, especially old family photos which have been digitally scanned from albums. Skin blemishes can be removed, torn photos can be digitally repaired, and text can be added (or removed). See the example below for an idea of the difference before and after repairs have been carried out.

Kessler Associates photo repairs image
This photo dates from the early 1930s and has not survived the passage of time without picking up more than a few blemishes. Relatively minimal touching-up and repair was involved to get it from the original on the left to the black-and-white version on the right, but much more could be done, such as removing the Sellotape marks at the top of the picture and down each side, and the remaining crease marks immediately to the left of the pillar


Supply us with your digital images, and we will do all the hard work for you.

In addition, if you are running a printing bureau, or trying to construct your own advertising material, you will know that images often need to be edited, and extra elements may need to be added to increase the depth and complexity of your output. Kessler Associates can handle that for you as part of its graphic design services.

Creating adverts, menus, or banners may look easy at first glance, but when you want to include text, logos, photographs and various other ideas into your graphic design output, it can become very complicated.


Kessler Associates graphics creation and editing image
Graphics can range from anything between brochure photos and diagrams to backing photos and logos


All types of graphic design output can be created to meet your needs, whether it is a glossy, multi-page newsletter, a snappy magazine advert, or a restaurant menu.

Allow us to put together all your graphic design needs and create a print-ready document for you, which can be sent directly to your printers if required.


Whatever you need, we have the solution.

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