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Before any work begins on a project involving Word or PowerPoint document templates, you can see how the finished templates will appear by having a set of design specification sheets drawn up.

You may well have contracted just this sort of thing through a dedicated design agency, in which case they will pass on the necessary materials to us when the time comes to build the templates, but if you haven't then we can help with that. Completed specification sheets will give everyone concerned a clear visual impression of the project, and will allow any amendments to be made before construction starts.

Kessler Associates specification sheets image
Specification sheets just like these will show you what your document templates will look like before any construction begins


Your specification sheets will contain detailed annotations, down to the lowest point size, colour specifications for boxes and bullets, and any document variations for specific office uses.

If you don't have a clear idea of what your templates should look like at the very start, then specification sheets from Kessler Associates will make everything clear, and help avoid any unexpected surprises when it's too late.


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